America is on the Move

3 min readJan 12, 2021

COVID-19 has made US workers more mobile — why not start a business to help them move?

The pandemic has been difficult for many businesses, particularly for small businesses, but some have actually become more in demand. During the holidays, e-commerce businesses benefitted even more this year than they have in previous years, though we can all guess which one likely sold the most over the holiday season. Here’s a hint: it’s named after a famous river in South America which happens to be the largest river in the world. That being said, keep in mind that other businesses have seen an increase in demand recently as well, some of which may come as a surprise.

Considering that COVID-19 has caused the need for social distancing measures to be put in place, those who have jobs that can be done from anywhere have been asked to work from home. Remote working is here to stay and workers who had previously been expected to work from an office in some of the more expensive cities now have the freedom to live anywhere. Many are already using their newfound location independence to move away from big cities, even if they anticipate the move to be temporary.

We’re Moving More than Ever

According to a Pew Research study, by July 2020, about a fifth of U.S. adults had moved due to the pandemic or know someone who did. Some of those people still wished to be in a city, just a less expensive one. For example, many people have decided to move from the expensive business hubs like San Francisco and Manhattan to less expensive cities.

With people all over the country deciding to make big moves, sometimes to entirely different states, moving is a good business to be in. People have a lot of stuff these days, which has happened in tandem with the rise of e-commerce not coincidentally, that they either don’t want to or can’t move everything entirely on their own. So people hire professional movers to help them. If you are looking to capitalize on this trend, the good news is that becoming a professional mover is easy.

Become a Professional Mover

Theoretically, all you need in order to become a professional mover is a vehicle that is large enough to move furniture and a driver’s license. In fact, becoming a professional mover is one of the easiest careers to pursue. To get started, depending on the state that you want to register your business in, you will likely also need specific permits to start your business as well as transportation insurance. These documents will vary according to your state. Once you have the proper documentation, becoming a professional mover is as easy as advertising your new business. If you don’t want to rely on people being able to find your website, you can register and advertise your business on OneBook. OneBooks platform makes it easy to get hired and collect payment from your clients when you have completed the job.

Find and Hire a Professional Mover

Do you need to hire a professional mover fast? You can shop for a professional mover on OneBook. Search for a mover and compare professionals by skill, ratings, reviews, and experience. Read what other people have said about each professional mover on OneBook to help you choose the perfect one for your specific needs. You can also fill out a simple form to request a service. On the OneBook platform, search for specific service pros and check their availability on their personal calendar. Then, after the move has been completed, you can easily pay them through our platform as well. Whether you are moving within the same city or across the country, you can find a professional mover for your move on OneBook, helping you to relax during a stressful time.

If you need to hire someone to help you move, or you are thinking of starting your own moving business, OneBook is your answer!

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