How To Prepare To Go Back To Offices

4 min readApr 29, 2021


With the ongoing rollout of Covid vaccines taking place, and more and more people getting vaccinated each week across the country, many people who have spent the last year in quarantine are starting to resume their usual activities. Air travel is starting to increase as more people are beginning to feel comfortable with taking vacations and flying on airplanes. Although some companies will convert to working remotely permanently, the majority of workers who have been working from home during the pandemic will return to their offices.

Many people have actually moved, even across the country in some cases, while they have worked remotely during the pandemic. The question is, what will they do when they are called back to their office in that other city or state where they lived previously? Well, if they want to keep their job, they will have to move back within commuting distance from the office.

Some Service Professions Will Be In Increased Demand As People Go Back To Offices

Interestingly, just like at the beginning of the pandemic when people moved upon learning that they would be working remotely for the foreseeable future, thus creating a booming market for professional movers, movers will be in high demand again as these people move back when offices open. In fact, the process of reopening offices has already started for some companies.

Not only will people be going back to offices soon, but schools will be opening again as well. Many have already re-opened. All of these offices and schools will need to be cleaned on a regular basis again now that they will actually be used, meaning that there will be an increased need for janitors and building cleaners as well. If you think about it, there will likely be an increased need for many different service professions. Landscapers will be needed as well, not only because we are entering the spring and summer months, but also because all of the bushes that people let get over grown while nobody was out and about in cities will need to be trimmed again.

How Do You Know If You Need Extra Help As Employees Go Back To Offices?

As employees go back to offices and students return to schools and universities, some office managers and school superintendents are likely asking themselves, “how do we know if we need to hire extra janitors and building cleaners?” After all, some schools and offices will be opening with a hybrid model. For offices, this hybrid model either means some employees work remotely and others work from an office, or employees work part of each week from home and the rest of the days from the office. So, some may be thinking with less time in the office or less people in the office they will need less help with janitorial services. Here are some helpful questions you should ask:

How many people will be working from the office, and for how many days per week?

Which days will these people be working from the office?

Do we have enough people on staff as janitors or building cleaners? Do we have enough people doing these roles for every day that we have employees working from the office?

If your office is working on a hybrid model, you may need help from additional building cleaners on the days where there are more people in the office. This means you might need people to work part-time, or on specific days. Sometimes it can be difficult to find people for roles that are only part-time, considering that they often don’t provide benefits. That’s why you may want to think about hiring janitors or building cleaners who are freelance service professionals. If your office will be on a hybrid model, hiring freelancers on OneBook can make everything easy for you. Hire them as recurring freelancers, or one job on one day, or however often you need. Any type of arrangement regarding time is possible.

Will You Be Moving In Anticipation Of Your Office Reopening?

If you moved at the beginning of the pandemic and now need to return to where you moved from as your company’s office reopens, you are likely thinking about hiring a professional mover to help you move. Considering that offices will begin reopening quickly, you might not have any time to lose and will likely need all the help you can get with this move in order to make it back in time for the grand re-opening of your office.

If you need help with moving, consider hiring a freelance professional mover in order to help support their small business.

These have been trying times for everyone across the globe, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.




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