Building for Equality in the Workforce

Gender Equality In The Workforce Is Possible And Here’s How

Over the past few years, a particular, troubling statistic regarding workforce gender equality has been mentioned a bit in the media and a lot on social media. That statistic is this:

Workforce Gender Equality And Fortune 500 Companies

Unfortunately, equal pay isn’t the only workforce gender equality issue that still exists. Although there are now more female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies than ever before, the numbers are still low. Only 41 women are leading Fortune 500 companies. The point is, not that long ago, the number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies was even lower.

Workforce Gender Equality And The Coronavirus Pandemic

Decades of progress towards a more inclusive economy are now threatened due to the coronavirus pandemic. Almost three million women in the U.S. have left the labor force over the past year. The exodus was largely caused by the coronavirus but is reflective of persistent unequal pay, undervalued work, and notions of caregiving.

Thankfully, there are some positive developments for women in the workforce that are helping them enter new fields that have previously been heavily regarded as fields that men primarily work in.

Workforce Gender Equality: Women Using Social Media

Social media is now giving women a platform that is helping them enter fields predominantly occupied by men. There are more women becoming plumbers and electricians than in the past, and they are using social media to help advertise their businesses. Not only is this good news for the women who are starting careers in these service professions, but it’s also good for women who are homeowners.

OneBook’s Commitment To Workforce Gender Equality

At OneBook, we are excited by the developments in the workforce and the fact that more women are becoming entrepreneurs and entering service professions that were previously primarily occupied by men. We are excited to offer a place for anyone to offer services, regardless of what gender they are. We are fully committed to promoting gender equality in the workforce and promoting people from all genders on our platform.

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