How Service Hiring Has Transformed

3 min readAug 30, 2021


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There used to be a time when the only way to get service was to hire the ‘town’ pro. You would ask around and hire the best option based on recommendations from your family, friends, neighbors, people you trusted, and interacted with frequently. As cities grew, organized business and new technology started changing with the way we find and hire pros. Now consumers can find a service business quicker and easier. The problem with this, how do you know who to trust?

How does service hiring work ?

First the phonebook and brokers, and now multiple websites and apps claim to be the best way to find service professionals for your jobs. Here are a few issues with this approach:

Businesses that put in the most money for marketing have the best advantage, not the best quality. Sure customers can hire the big name service companies in their area but which of their employees will be entering your home?.. the most convenient employee for that company at the time. What about the small businesses that have amazing reviews and a loyal customer base? How about the independent contractor that works for himself and on his own schedule?

New software tools don’t make it easy to connect with local people in need. Pros are traveling out of their way for every job that they can get, wasting money, time, and energy. Pros arriving from a distant location have a slimmer chance of repeat business from the same customer. If there was a local service pro available now, there is no way to know.

Behind the screens of unreliable service platforms

Platforms use sorting algorithms that assign pros based on availability. Thus, customers have no chance of having the same quality of services every time they hire. The very essence of a need-based industry is the trust with which on-demand servicemen are let into homes. And practices like such have made the industry lose that essence, leaving the service trade fiercely competitive and disruptive.

What does the future of service hiring look like?

Hiring of verified service pros made easy with OneBook
Service hiring made easy with verified professionals

The future of service hiring entails an embodied experience of connecting with safe and verified pros. A future where platforms consider it their mission to let users and service providing companies and independent contractors have equal benefits. Users/ home owners only employ the professionals they trust letting into their homes and have a consistent quality of service every time. While contractors are provided the luxury of making their services recognized within their locality.

Closing Remarks

We believe that the future of the service industry lies in the customers and service pros who can create and strengthen their relationships with one another. Our vision as a service booking tool for pros, is to offer a platform which is driven and defined by the community of its users. That’s true power to the people!

So help us in our journey of perfecting what we have made for you.
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