Inviting Strangers Over

Is it Safe to Have Service Professionals in Your Home?

Home Visit Safety During The Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Ask the service professional to wear a mask. And in most places this is mandatory anyway!
  2. You and anyone else in the home should wear masks. Recently, double-masking has become encouraged as a better way to prevent transmitting germs.
  3. Stay at least 6 feet from the service provider at all times and limit the interactions between the service provider and other people in the home, as well as with any pets.
  4. Minimize indoor conversations.
  5. Avoid physical greetings like hand shakes. How about trying one of those elbow bumps?
  6. Try to maximize ventilation inside your home (turn on the air conditioner or open windows).
  7. After the service is completed, clean and disinfect surfaces in your home that may have been touched by the service provider. There’s really no way to be too over-cautious here.



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