Janitors and Building Cleaners Are In High Demand. Here’s Why.

3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Did you know that it was projected that there will be 4% job growth for janitors and building cleaners through 2029? The projection was made in 2019, even before pandemic. However, with an increased focus on cleanliness and the fact that people have been stuck inside their homes, the number will likely be even higher now.

When mandated COVID-19 lockdowns end, restaurants, office buildings, airlines, and more will be trying their best to keep their workers and guests as safe as possible, and for many that will mean keeping their spaces extra clean. This is expected to cause an increase in spending for cleaning equipment and staff, ushering in a cleaning boom. Just think about it. Would you want to go to an office building or restaurant once the lockdown period ends if they didn’t keep it clean? Actually we have already started to see the focus on being clean in public places, as they always have hand sanitizer and/or gloves available for customers. This will increase as people start returning to offices, indoor seating in restaurants, and as airline travel becomes a regular part of life again.

How to Join The Ranks of Janitors and Building Cleaners

For these reasons, now is a great time to become a janitor or building cleaner. And if you already have a day job, but need some extra income, this could be a great second job as well. As if the good job prospects weren’t enough of a benefit, you might also be interested to know that janitors and building cleaners don’t need to have an expensive degree to get a job. The qualifications to become a janitor are described by job recruiting website ZipRecruiter as “minimal.” Many janitors and building cleaners have a high school diploma or GED certificate, but not all positions require it. This is great news for anyone who is interested in making a quick career change but maybe don’t have the time or money to earn a new degree.

What Do Janitors and Building Cleaners Do?

So what are the requirements to join the thousands of other janitors and building cleaners and start earning? Well, janitors and building cleaners spend a lot of time cleaning and occasionally pushing or lifting garbage bins. They also spend a lot of time on their feet, so it’s helpful to be physically strong and have stamina in order work in this capacity full-time. Since janitors and building cleaners spend most of their time on the job cleaning, you should know how to clean a variety of different surfaces, although training is often provided. In some cases, you may be required to operate heavy machinery, especially if you are working as a corporate janitor or building cleaner. Janitors and building cleaners are often required to complete the following tasks:

  • Gather and empty trash
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum building floors
  • Clean restrooms and replenish supplies
  • Lock doors to buildings
  • Clean spills with cleaning equipment
  • Washing windows, walls, and any glass in the building
  • Order cleaning supplies and take inventory of what needs to be ordered
  • Make minor building repairs
  • Inform a manager if major repairs are needed

And of course, if you work during the day or any time when other people are also working in the building, you should have a friendly personality.

Now what?

Are you feeling ready for a new career? Becoming a janitor or building cleaner is easy, but getting a job offer in any field can be difficult. We started OneBook to help make the process of finding a job easier. To join OneBook, just set up your cleaning business as an LLC and sign up to advertise your cleaning services on our platform!

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